Ms. Rebecca Brent

A graduate of Salisbury University, Mrs. Brent received a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education with a minor in Creative Art and has completed all necessary requirements for MDSE certification in Elementary Education. Previously, she worked as a teacher’s assistant and gained experience during the summer of 2015 while teaching English in South America. She is originally from Long Island, New York.

Educational Technology Specialist

Other teaching experience: I spent the summer of 2015 in South America teaching English; also a teacher’s assistant in a school setting

Undergraduate degree: Elementary Education major at Salisbury University with a minor in creative arts

Originally from: Long Island, New York

Interests/hobbies: Playing tennis, exploring new places, hiking, reading, and fantasy football

What I like most about teaching: I am able to do all the things I love throughout the day and knowing that I can make a difference in the lives of my students.