Home & School Association

The Home/School Association (HSA) works on behalf of the principal, promoting a close relationship between parents and the faculty to provide additional support where needed. The HSA plans and conducts events to raise funds for the school and also encourages other volunteer programs.

Proceeds from school fundraisers are directed to the school operating budget and support many programs at SJS that enrich the school program. The Home/School Association is based on the philosophy that the partnership between parents and school professionals is essential in the development of values consistent with and reflective of Christian principles. It believes that the development and nurturing of the school community is based and accomplished in an atmosphere of trust and cooperation which respects the distinctive qualities, talents, abilities, and needs of each person. By providing a means of service, social, and fund raising activities in support of the school the Association recognizes its role in affirming the school community and its members as living expressions of God’s love. Mindful of Gospel values, the Association seeks to model service, promote good will, and foster a sincere appreciation for the ideals of a Catholic school education.

2023-2024 HSA Executive Committee Members 

  • Chris Miller - President
  • Kristin Freitag - Vice President
  • Evelyn Cusson - Treasurer
  • Sarah Sebeck - Secretary
  • Lauren Fiastro - Coordinator


The Home/School Association (HSA) and the students of St. Joseph School (SJS) truly appreciate your volunteer help with the many programs and events throughout the year. We look forward to your involvement. Please see Parent Volunteering to see the complete list of volunteer committees.