Monday: No Lunch Service 

Tuesday: Hot Lunch Tuesday

The Home/School Association (HSA) Lunch Committee serves a hot lunch every Tuesday and a meatless option on Fridays in Lent. On days pizza is provided, the price is $1.50 per slice. On days where a full hot lunch is served, the price is $4 - $6. The HSA will send a link to order one month in advance through school Office Notes.  Late orders will not be accepted after the advertised monthly deadline. 

Wednesday / Thursday / Friday: Lunchbox Program 

LunchBox, an outside catering company, offers various lunch alternatives where parents may order, change or cancel lunch for your child(ren) in advance or the night before service is scheduled.  Parents may set up an account through the LunchBox website. All ordering and payment is done through the LunchBox company.  


St. Joseph School participates in the federal milk program.  Click here to order white or chocolate milk for your child for the 2018-2019 school  year.