Transportation: Arrival and Dismissal

Arrival in the Morning/Drop-Off: Carpools with Pre-K and kindergarten students should enter the drive next to (just past) the Multipurpose Room and drive around the back of the school. This is the South Side of the school. After dropping off all children (even those in different grades), exit through the cemetery.

All other carpools should enter the first parking lot on the right from Church Lane (at the parish south entrance). This is the Flagpole Side. Drive around the parish office and drop children off on the other side. This is the Quarry Side. Exit at the far end of the parking lot onto Church lane. Please do not stop or park on the Flagpole Side as 8:30 a.m. Mass attendees will be parked there. A crossing guard will see that the children cross the street safely.

If students arrive past 8:15 a.m. parents must park in the school parking lot across the street and accompany their children into the front office to sign them in.

Dismissal: There are three parking lots for pick-up: Flagpole side exits through Marble Court to Industry Lane; Quarry side exits to Church Lane; and South Side exits through the cemetery to Galloway Avenue to York Road. The procedures to follow at each dismissal location are as follows:

  • Flagpole Side: From Church Lane, enter the first parish parking lot on the right. Park in the spaces facing north (Industry Lane). In the row of spaces next to the Toyota Service lot, we will only use the first 10 spaces – small cars only, no SUVs. Please back into those spaces. All other rows should face the Toyota lot. Please do not move cones or park in spaces that are blocked off. Following the directions of teachers and safeties, exit through Marble Court to Industry Lane.
  • Quarry Side: From Church Lane, enter the first parish parking lot on the right. Go around the parish center and park in the spaces facing Church Lane. Following the directions of the teachers and safeties, exit by turning left at the opening closest to the quarry and proceed to York Road.
  • South Side: Enter the road next to the Multipurpose Room, park in the lines facing the cemetery, and exit through the cemetery to York Road. Please do not go out by the rectory.