Timonium Optimist Club Recognizes Two 8th Grade Students as Leaders

As part of  Youth Appreciation Week, the Timonium Optimist Club on November 21 honored six local teenagers including two eighth grade SJS students, Oliva Wayson and Bobby Baird. The other four students honored were high school students. The organization's goal with this event is to highlight the goodness in today's youth.

Principal Maggie Dates and Assistant Principal Janine Paetow also attended the dinner. Mrs. Dates says, "We were proud to be able to be there to help honor two of our outstanding eighth grade students who embody the best of St. Joseph School." During the event, the students also were asked to speak about their leadership and service activities to the audience, and Mrs. Paetow says, "They presented everything so well." Congratulations to Bobby Baird and Olivia Wayson!